SHELL - Chameleon Chips


Shell - multicolor cool tone gold with pink and olive sheen

Texture: flakes 

Size: 1 gram of chips comes in a 5 gram jar

Please note:

Pigments are sold by weight, not volume! Some colors from the same collection are heavier and some are lighter, that's why heavier colors may not fill the jar completely.

How to use: use flat sable brush and glitter primer

This texture is very sparkly and no other products can help you to achieve the same effect!


Application instructions:

Lightweight chameleon pigments with large particles that are safe on the eyes.

  1. Prepare the undereye area by applying a generous amount of powder or a cotton pad.
  2. Use our glitter primer - GLITTER BESTIE to apply the chameleon chips.
  3. For best results use a flat brush By Larina Makeup (SA1) to slowly pack chips on the eyelid area.

📷Shows best under artificial light and multiple light sources. Try various light angles to catch the color shifts.

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