Brush SA2 - Sable eyeshadow brush


Bristle length: 0,4 inch; 1cm

Bristle: Sable

Description: Flat square cut sable brush

Best for: Any kind of pigment or eyeshadow application. Sable flat “tongue” precision brush is amazing for working in the inner corner of the eye, in the bottom lash line, for applying an eyeliner and even for lipstick!

More information:

Can be used for both cream and powder textures. Easy to clean, very durable. Sable hair is knows as the best in picking up the color and packing it on the eyelids for the most vivid application. Professionals all over the world know that sable brush works way better than synthetic in achieving intensity of colors when using loose or pressed eyeshadows and pigments.

Once you try you will not get enough of only one!

Developed by a professional makeup artist Larisa Larina (@larina_makeup) to help makeup artists to see the best result of their work and creativity as well as make their life easier when using pigments.


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