Pro Brush Set of 9 Brushes

$89.99 $130

Professional Brush Set of 9 High End Brushes

Set includes:

1. G2 - Contouring brush Long side 1,5 inch; 3cm.

Goat bristle. Angle brush. Best for: contouring and blush

2. G3 - Highlighter brush 1,7 inch; 3,5cm.

Goat bristle. Candle brush. Best for: powder, highlighter, contouring, blush

3. G5 - Highlighter precision brush 0,3 inch; 2cm.

Goat bristle. Blending brush. Best for highlighter, eyeshadow blending, precision powder application

4. G6 - Blending brush 0,17 inch; 1,4cm.

Goat bristle. Blending brush. Best for: eyeshadow blending and application to the crease

5. G7 - Blending brush 1,4 inch 1,1cm Goat bristle.

Blending brush. Best for: blending eyeshadows, eyeshadow application to the crease

6. G8 - Precision Blending brush 1,4 inch; 1,1cm.

Goat bristle. Blending precision brush. Best for: eyeshadow blending and application to the inner corner of the eye

7. S1 - Foundation brush 1,5 inch; 3,8cm.

Synthetic bristle. Best for: foundation application and contouring

8. S2 - Contouring brush 1,1 inch; 2,8cm.

Synthetic bristle. Best for: contouring, blush and foundation.

9. S3 - Concealer brush 0,6 inch; 1,6cm.

Synthetic bristle. Best for: concealer, eyeshadow primer application and cream colors

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